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Welcome to OEG Submittal Builder!

Using the Submittal Builder you can generate, view and download submittals for our products. You can save them for a later time using Projects, where you can also share or view them.

To get started with Projects, first make sure to create an account and log in. Continue with creating a new project using the Project Manager below. Note that you can also view and/or download submittals without creating a project. You can have as many projects as you need, and you can switch between projects at any point by searching for them using the Project Manager and clicking the Open button. You also have options to Edit a project’s details or delete the project entirely.

Submittal Sheets

You can add submittals to a project by searching for a submittal by its product/member code or selecting its individual attributes (for example for a Stud, select its web width, flange and mils). Once you've found the correct product, simply click the Add button to add it to your project.

You can always manage the generated submittal sheets using the Submittals Manager next to the product selector. The Project Submittals Manager will have the submittals grouped by product category. You can view, download or remove individual submittal sheets, as well as download a combined PDF of all submittals within a category.

Add Submittals to the Project


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