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Big Apple Joist

OEG Big Apple Joist® steel floor joist system is a tested, and approved solution for commercial, Hi-rise, and residential floor framing assemblies. Big Apple Joists® are manufactured with extra- large openings (punch-outs) to allow for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing access without damaging the structural integrity of the floor framing system commonly seen with typical c-shaped joists that require cutting of the joist to accommodate these lines. Big Apple Joist® provides long and sturdy floor spans, along with fire-resistant and sound-reducing solutions for architects, engineers, and developers.

Phantom® Stud

Phantom® Stud is the steel drywall stud for interior cold formed framing. Its design combines high-strength steel with additional stiffening enhancements for a drywall-framing stud. The result is a revolutionary system that has brought the performance of drywall studs to a whole new level. It has one of the best strength-to-mass ratio of any stud in the industry. It can be used to frame interior bearing and non-bearing walls, as well as exterior walls, including low-rise bearing, high-rise non-bearing and pre-fabricated wall panels.

Steel Deck

Steel Deck provides a great balance of strength and economy. Steel Deck annually enjoys an ever-increasing share of the market it seeks to serve. OEG offers all the steel decking products to use in construction projects of all sizes.