Big Apple Joist®

Superior Joist System - ICC-ES Approved

ICC ESR-5419

Fire Rating Report

OEG Big Apple Joist® is a revolutionary floor joist system that is engineered and designed to provide fast installation of floors thus reducing the overall construction time-frame and cost. Its unique design render it the most sought-after floor joist system in today’s market. OEG Big Apple Joist can be used in conjunction with OEG tracks, studs and various other components to complement a wide range of applications. It has been tested to achieve the maximum strength to mass ratio in floor joists system market.

Its unique structure boasts excellent thermal, fire, and acoustic properties and offers versatility and complete compatibility with other building systems. OEG Big Apple Joists have big oval design punch-outs to allow quick installation of services that provides maximum flexibility in laying out of utility lines in construction projects. Thus eliminating additional labor for on-site openings required to allow passage of services.

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More Capabilities

OEG Big Apple Joist is a very versatile floor joist system component that can be used with various structural components to cover a wide range of applications for either steel or concrete framing.

Smarter Design

OEG Big Apple Joist smart design offers high strength to mass ration with toughness, durability, and stability making it the ideal choice for contractors in floors joists system market.

General Information

Available Web Depths: 8" (5X7.5 hole), 10", 12", 14" and 16".
Available Flange Widths: 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 3.5"
Hole Sizes: [8"] 5x7.5, [10"] 7x9.25, [12", 14", 16"] 9x11.75
OEG Big Apple Joists meets or exceed ASTM codes C955, C1007, A924/A924M, A653/A653M, C1003/C1003M.


Big Apple Joist® have excellent fire resistant properties. Thermal conductivity is reduced by its large oval shaped punch-outs, which enhances its thermal efficiency considerably. Its unique design enables sound insulation which is an important key factor for usage in residential and commercial construction projects.


Big Apple Joists are tested and manufactured using cold formed steel that meets or exceed ASTM A653/A653M. They are hot dipped galvanized to add corrosion resistant properties thus making them durable for the long run.


OEG Big Apple Joists provides an economical construction process as compared to ordinary floor joist systems. They are light weight and easy to handle. Big Apple Joists are compatible with other various building components to cover a wide range of applications. Big Apple Joists have big pre-punched oval shaped holes to allow easy installation of services and utility lines, providing efficient construction process without the need of manual adjustments of openings done by site crew, thus resulting in fast and economical construction.