Resilient Channel (RC-1)


OEG Resilient Channel (RC-1) is a single leg channel that is the most efficient and low cost solution to reduce the transmission of noise in partition walls. By suspending the gypsum wallboard away from studs or joists with the help of Resilient Channel, the sound transmission is dissipated. To enhance the sound insulation, sound attenuation blankets can be inserted within the walls or floor cavities. Resilient Channel knurled face makes it easy to screw onto boards. Resilient Channel is pre-punched for easy connection to wood and steel structural framing.

Resilient Channel (RC-1) comes in two variants, RC-1 and RC-1 Max. RC-1 is manufactured using 25 gage (18 mils) steel and is primarily used in interior drywalls. RC-1 Max is manufactured using 20 gage (33 mils) steel and is primarily used in heavier framing applications like exterior curtain walls. RC-1 Max provides greater rigidity as compared to regular RC-1.


Available sizes: 2"x1/2" with 1-1/4" flange.

Available in gage 25 (18 mils) for RC-1 and 20 (33 mils) for RC-1 Max.

Available standard Lengths: 12’-0”

Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) sheet metal meets or exceeds ASTM A924 & A1003.

It is not recommended to use nails for RC-1 Max.